How Do You Maintain a Shaved Head?

When you have got your head shaved, then it becomes mandatory to take care of your head and especially the scalp so that it maintains the natural oil and helps in thicker hair to grow by using the best shaving cream for bald head. Given below are some steps to take care of your head:

How Do You Maintain a Shaved Head?

Use shampoo on regular basis

It does not matter if your head has hair or not, your scalp needs a regular wash and you must apply both the shampoo and conditioner like you used to do when you had hair. The cleansing bar over your head is not recommended to be used as it will leave your scalp dry and will also disturb the natural oil it has. The little hair which is also known as the goosebumps needs special care and thus a regular wash will give them better treatment and they will grow thicker.

Regularly moisture avail to your scalp

You need to apply the moisturizer on your head on a regular basis so that you can keep your head hydrated and keep the dryness at bay. The dryness over your head will get you the itchiness and scale and flaky in the form of dandruff. Therefore, you must look for the moisturizer which has the best shaving cream for bald head and will also keep your head healthy and protected.  So make it a habit or bring it your daily routine to apply the moisturizer as many men with the shaved head used to forget it.

Give your scalp a good massage

While washing your head or applying the oil on your head, you are already giving a good massage. A regular massage will help your body in better blood circulation and give rest to your neck. Also, a good massage will help your body in an increase in the formation of red blood cells. The head massage will give your hair get better growth and they will also be thick in density also. The better head massage will give you your ME time in which you can relax and you can either do it on your own on or ask somebody to do it for you.

How Do You Maintain a Shaved Head?

Provide protection to your scalp

Since the exposure of your head to the UV rays from the sun and the harsh environment can be dangerous to your scalp so it is necessary to provide better protection to your bald head. It can cause the actinic keratosis to your head which is basically the red patches over your head and if you have hair then also this problem can occur as your hair partially gives protection to your scalp from the exposure to the sun. Use the moisturizer that has sunscreen as it holds the property of saving your head from the UV rays.

Wear cap

During the summer season, when the sun is at its peak so to protect your bald head from getting burn you must wear a cap after applying the sunscreen. In the wintertime, you can protect your head from the cool breeze by wearing the cap. You can also be a fashionista and make a styling statement in the society and walk with a bald head with your high head. You might be used to the clean shaved so to make it normal and take care of your head with the best shaving cream for bald head.

Clean shave

While giving the clean shaved to your head, you must not apply either the methanol containing cream or the gel as it will be closing the pores and desensitization will happen over the skin of your scalp. In accordance with the time, it takes a lot to maintain the short hair on your head. You need to use the sharp razors on your head for the clean shaving on your head and then apply the best shaving cream for bald head for smooth work. For the first time, you can go for the professional to do their work and they will also give styling to your beard according to your face.

How Do You Maintain a Shaved Head?

Ready your head for blade

To prepare your head for the use of the blade, you must need the TLC. While taking the shower, you must apply the directions to you against the direction in which your hair grows using the cloth which has soap in it and this will make it easy for you to get the direction easily. When you are done washing your head, you must apply the best shaving cream for bald head and let it absorb on your skin for some time so that it becomes smooth for you to shave your head and open the pores.

Use the blade

Just after you have made your head prepared for using the blade on it, you can allow the blade to do its work. You can use the front mirror so that you can see through all the angles and let your head get a clean shave. You must start from your forehead side as the growth of your hair starts from forward to backward and later on move towards the backside of your head. For the prevention of the cuts and reduce any possibility of growth of the inner hair, you need to use the sharp blades.


It is necessary to take proper care of your bald head from the harsh environment and the UV rays of the sun. This will maintain the natural oil on your scalp and will protect your head from any injury or infections such as flaky, dandruff or redness and rashes. The hairs on your head do matter but the shaved head can make other people raise funds for the cancer survivors or bald head can help you in making a statement. We highly hope that this article will definitely make you understand how to take proper care of your shaved head.