The Best Way to Dive Deep With a Camera

Taking a camera underwater adds a level of complexity your not ready for. Think about what is down there in the deep blue. Sharks are down there. Vision is amplified to see blue at all times. Sometimes, it amplifies to see darkness when you go a little too deep. Waves move under the water and on top of it. The camera will constantly be in water. What’s more, thousands of bacteria will accompany you and things that have not yet been identified. Despite all this, don’t let me prevent you from going down there. I just want you to be aware of where your going with your camera and what type of camera you are using. Safety and preparation is very important when you go down below. If you want to take a risk and take pictures in ocean, read what is written below.

How Much Should You Spend On a Deep Water Camera


Spend any amount of money you want to spend on your deep water camera. Spend $1500 on the best camera for diving if you can afford it. Spend $100 for a water proof used camera if that is what you can afford. Always, spend money on a water camera you can afford. When I say afford, I am not talking about money you can use easily for camera. I am talking about money you have left over from the gear you need to go down under. Look, I know you want to take good quality pictures, but your deep diving in a terrain that moves slow and can get ugly. Having the ability to see and breathe properly should be higher on the demand of budget. Taking pictures to sight see should be the last thing on your deep sea diving budget. Unless, you are a microbiologist or have a job where you have to take samples of some unknown species. You should spend more money to keep your underwater job which helps your career. In brief, the average Joe should not put camera quality before safety in a underwater trip.

 Don’t Skip Testing Your Gear

Every piece of equipment you buy needs to be tested for all deep water trips. Your breathing gear, flippers, suit, and camera needs to be tested before you head out to sea. Even the best camera for diving that the clerk said was good. Quality may still be bad in water or the camera could be defective. You got to make sure you practice at a beach or a couple hundred miles from the coast. Practice near bridge water even. Test each piece that you buy for a week and make sure all is well. Make sure it work properly and nothing is falling off. When you go out to the sea, your going to need everything to work the first time. Importantly, you need the breathing gear to work. Now, if anything goes wrong during test, you should take the items back for a refund and get new items. Your life in the water needs to have a delicate balance of oxygen, blood, gear, and vision. One shortage of one of these things down there where you can barely see someone who is 10 feet away is going to cost you your life. Your not playing in a pool. Your playing in a environment that may6 have a shark even if the sign doesn’t say. Altogether, test your equipment before having a real trip and know where you are going.

 Go to Deep Ocean Areas With a Buddy

Always go to deep ocean areas with a buddy. The only exception would be if you travel on a river near a city with other boats. If anything went wrong, you could call for help. In the event your going in Atlantic ocean some where, you need to make sure your buddy is near. I am not talking about your best friend that shared lunch money with you. I am talking about someone who has your back. A person who is there for you and can bring you out of the water if needed. This person can call for help and drag you from the deep waters. Bring someone with you like that.